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Interesting Fact About Cuba

Located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Cuba is the largest country in the Caribbean. With its favorably warm climate, steady winds, unique natural beauty, and open-minded, friendly people, Cuba goes beyond any vacationer’s dreams. When Christopher Columbus discovered the island in 1492, he said: “This is the most beautiful land one has ever seen.



Cuba is located just 90 miles from Key West, Florida and it the most westerly island of the Greater Antilles. The island has a reliable nautical infrastructure, which is receiving well-aimed support from the government and makes a Cuban getaway easy for all sailors. About 20 marinas and nautical centers all around Cuba gladly welcome yachts under all flags and offer a multitude of services.

The gorgeous Cuban coast and off-lying islands are fully accessible and ripe for exploration. Cuban cities such as Trinidad, and particularly its capital, Havana, are renowned for their architectural richness and scenic beauty.

An exclusive Cuba yacht charter provides spacious waterfront living while at the docks or out cruising the scenic coastline. Days can be spent ashore observing the daily lives, history, and current events of this enigmatic island. On the evenings that you’re not eating Cuban fare ashore, you can return to the marina to enjoy a meal aboard your yacht. 

Cruising In Cuba

For a unique cultural experience in a one of a kind travel destination, let Blue Odyssey Vacations take care of planning your vacation so you can prepare to explore all the wonder that Cuba has to offer.

Spend your days discovering the bold flavors, impressive architecture, and vibrant scenery so distinctive of Cuba, then retreat back to your personal docked resort to spend your nights resting and relaxing on your yacht.

Enjoy some smooth sailing along Cuba’s stunning coastline with warm climate and pristine cruising grounds. During that time, stop to explore the many top-notch snorkeling spots and pick the perfect island oasis for a mid-day picnic lunch.

Cuba Highlights

Between the lush tropical scenery and the incredibly rich culture native to the island, a Cuba yacht charter vacation offers no shortage of memorable experiences. Marvel in a local artist’s colorful tile work while touring the neighborhood of Jose Fuster, discover a prominent piece of photo-op history at Revolution Square, stroll the streets of Old Havana, tour local tobacco farms, and pay a visit to the famous Hemingway House. You’ll also witness a variety of lively local music and dance performances and have plenty of opportunities to tempt your taste buds with flavorful Cuban fare.

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