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The Mediterranean: The cradle of western civilization – Experience: French Riviera ~ Turkey ~ Corsica ~ Croatia ~ Greece ~ Spain

The Mediterranean is yours to discover; it is the cradle of western civilization, the playground of the world’s wealthiest people and cruising grounds of the world’s most magnificent yachts. Cruising the Mediterranean offers you as much to see and do ashore, as afloat. Beaches bathed by sparkling clear water, white villages silhouetted against the brilliant blue sea and sky. History, ruins, archeological treasures, ancient citadels and monasteries. Brightly colored fishing boats hauled out on the beach. Mediterranean destinations have much to offer…

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Enjoy bareboat charter or captain only charters from the east to the west of the Mediterranean and sail the Saronic Golf, Cyclades, Sporades, Dodecanese and Ionian seas or explore Italy, Sicily, Corsica, Cote d’ Azur, Croatia and Turkey. What better way to see our world than on a bareboat charter at your own pace or a local captain to help you explore the Mediterranean at its best?

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the market ~ the bazaar ~ bistros~taverns ~world’s finest, varied cuisine ~ vineyards ~ olive groves ~ museums ~ music ~ wine

Summer is dry and delightful. Temperatures range from the high 70’s in May and September to the 80’s in June, July and August. Winds here have names and vary by sailing area- your Yacht Charter Consultant will help you choose your yacht and the season that will best suit your needs.

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